Wednesday, May 25, 2011

created in His image

 today is the first day in ten years that i wore shorts. can i get a hallelujah for restored body image here? ...or is it a lack of caring? ... either way... HALLELUJAH!
 no, it's definitely not a lack of caring. i do care. because even now i am quick to pick apart my legs. my whole entire body for that matter. so maybe it's not even a restored body image?
 as a young girl i hated my legs. one time while sharing with an older, very kind friend, she pointed out to me, in a very wise way, "well see you're a dancer. dancers are very blessed with strong, muscular legs." wow. she said my legs were strong and muscular! what about that jiggle? we talked about walking more and dancing more and making sure we were looking at our bodies in a healthy manner.
 years later i would obsessively walk my dog, swim laps in the pool and practice many kicks for kung fu class all the while secretly wishing for legs that would make gwen stefani look twice.
 yuck! dare i remember she that she gets paid to look that fabulous? and poor gwen stanfi anyway!
 i am now a mommy of two. a boy and girl. both of which i need to nurture in them a better body image then the one i have.
  enough with the jiggle! i ran through the sprinkler today in a pair of jeans! i can't always garden in a skirt! some skirts are too nice for dirt! i need to get these jeans off!
 when i bought these shorts my exact thought was, "oooh! these are pretty! i have enough time to use the treadmill between now and shorts weather to get my legs in shape. if not? i have to wear them with a cute pair of wedges and then my legs would look elongated and fine." how sad for me!
 here's is what i must remind myself. stop complaining, even if only to myself, and do something about it. my body was given to me by the Most High to hand back to Him as a temple. i need to treat it as such.
 am i healthy? is this a temple that the Lord can be pleased with? of coarse their is always room for improvement and so i will make a list of reasonable goals and i will set the list out so i can see it, so as to stick with it. but i can't help but wonder, did eve have jiggle in the garden? did it come before the fall, or after? this is funny, no doubt but muscular dancer's legs have sat long in rockers holding babies and long on the floor at play - yes. that is my way of pointing the finger.
 so God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them (genesis 1:27 niv) am i doing God justice with my image? perhaps it is time to dust off the treadmill? not for my sake and the sake of the jiggle, but for the sake of taking better care of the Lord's temple. the only one i've got. about shaving......something tells me that eve did not shave.


  1. Sister this is such a great blog post! I love it!

  2. Sweetheart, there is nothing wrong with your legs! And I saw them in person, so I should know. :-)