Wednesday, October 26, 2011

getting a face lift

 "confessions" is getting a face lift! a long over due face lift at that. while my picture at the top of the blog was a cute one, it was very outdated! and while i'm stating the obvious, might i also add, it didn't fit the page?
 here's the thing, i really like to blog (even though i've been m.i.a. lately). i'd really like to make this a pretty place to store all these memories that i'm sure i will all too soon forget. but the truth of the matter is, i don't know how to, and quite frankly, i didn't really want to take the time to learn - until recently.
 so i'm asking for a little patience as i am a s-l-o-w learner when it comes to computer'ish type's of things. after all, we've only had a computer (actually this is a net book) and an internet connection for the past 2 1/2 yrs. yep, scardy-cat that i am, i've been afraid of the internet since 1994 - true story. perhaps i'll blog about that another time? so i am going to give "prettying-up the place" a try. any suggestions?
 i've been playing with to make a photo collage for the above picture but as you can see, it's still doesn't quite fit the page. also, i'm still trying to figure out how to reply to comments so if it takes me a while to get back to ya, it's not that i don't want to - but only that i'm not too sure how - lol!! what a blogging mess i am!
 here's to hoping i'll be able to figure it all out - any extra tips in the comments section would be a wonderful welcome :) in the mean time, i'll probably get back to blogging a little more regular again even if the blog is in the middle of it's face lift - i won't mind the mess if you don't :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

my 4 yr. old reads and builds stealth fighters

 this summer, while walking through a parking garage, my son decided to read, for the very first time! (that we know of.) stopping inside to use the bathroom i missed the whole thing, of coarse. when i got in the car i could tell something good had happened. their was excitment and smiles on all the faces of my family, and the chatter was out of control!
 "what's going on?" i asked
 "mikey read the sign," my husband said as if to say 'duh!'
 "what?" i asked thinking i heard him wrong, mikey is only 4 1/2.
 "yep! he sounded out the sing "level 4" all by himself and asked me what it meant." declared the proud papa.
 "are you kidding me!?" i asked.
  hugh? imagine that! this must be a fluke i think silently to myself. we had been working on letter sounds for the past year, consonance mostly. i had hoped he'd read early but this seemed young.
 the next night while at the dinner table mikey says, "daddy your coke was free! "
 "no it wasn't, they were 12 for $4.99" i say wondering where in the world he got that idea.
 my husband sitting beside his boy, face lite like a Christmas tree, spun the can of cola around to face me.
 "it says free right here," mikey said as he pointed and proceeded with a phonics lesson.
 of coarse it does! an advertise on the back for an amusement park and a buy one get one free ticket.
 "he's reading!" i exclaim with much excitement. i couldn't believe my boy was reading! i still can't believe he's reading, small words mostly but i am such a proud momma!
 later that week at an art supply store i let him pick out a wooden model to paint and glue together with his dad. watching them put it together i decided to get him some early readers. my sister in law lived by the book store so i called her to see if she'd like to go with me.
 "did i tell you that mikey has started to read?" i ask her over the phone, watching my boys in the dinning room fuss over the model together.
 "oh yeah?" she's asked, "what's he doing now?"
without missing a beat, the words just flowing out of my mouth i say, "building a stealth fighter." we had a good laugh over that one, but yep, i'm a proud momma.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

walking the balance beam

 when i was a little girl i had two nick names given me by my mom. onion and gracie. onion for reasons i'm not getting into right now ( i'm not even sure i know ). gracie because i was the one who would fall over nothing at all. i was, in fact, the cheerleader who tripped over the lines painted on the basketball court. true story... several times i'm afraid. even after about fifteen years of dance class i am still quite a putz.
 balance. it's not something i'm good at. it is something i am seeking, even to this day. several months ago i was given a beautiful new sewing machine *sigh* boy did it spawn creative juices!! along with my creative juices flowed a deep sense of guilt! (crazy - i know!) this guilt came from the thought that i was taking time out of my already very busy day of wife, momma and home maker, for myself. that i was hoarding away time = stealing moments for myself! *gasp*
 a few months have passed and i am realizing that what i need is to make time for myself, and that it's not only okay - it's good for me! 
  so this is the week! i am making a schedule and going to stick to it! i'll be blogging about it over at
 here is what i must remember: 1.) one day at a time 2.) one hour at a time 3.) it may take time for the schedule to fall into place 4.) it's worth time and effort for the whole family to follow a schedule, for it to be made and prayed over so that the schedule is also honoring God. so that i am reminding myself  that His schedule should be my schedule.
 even my husband was telling me that he'd like to have a schedule! i know that kids function better with a schedule. even i, one who doesn't like a schedule, functions better while on one! so where's the schedule?!? i'm making one tonight...and i'm kind of excited about it because i'm making sure that in that schedule i get time for myself to do what i want. that it could be sewing, knitting, paper crafting, painting - hey even napping if i want! no folding laundry or putting dishes away during my time though. i can't let that happen - lol!
 the cool thing about having a schedule is that i'll know for sure that i'm not taking time away from my family and house work. it will all be on the schedule, right there looking back at me whenever i start to feel guilty for taking time to do these things that i really enjoy. the things that really help charge me up.
 so that is my news. i know i haven't blogged in a while. my creative juices have been used up else where - in my new sewing/crafting room :) but i'll be making time for this too.
 look out balance beam i'm hoping on! ( i really hope the floor below is padded - lol! )