Monday, October 17, 2011

my 4 yr. old reads and builds stealth fighters

 this summer, while walking through a parking garage, my son decided to read, for the very first time! (that we know of.) stopping inside to use the bathroom i missed the whole thing, of coarse. when i got in the car i could tell something good had happened. their was excitment and smiles on all the faces of my family, and the chatter was out of control!
 "what's going on?" i asked
 "mikey read the sign," my husband said as if to say 'duh!'
 "what?" i asked thinking i heard him wrong, mikey is only 4 1/2.
 "yep! he sounded out the sing "level 4" all by himself and asked me what it meant." declared the proud papa.
 "are you kidding me!?" i asked.
  hugh? imagine that! this must be a fluke i think silently to myself. we had been working on letter sounds for the past year, consonance mostly. i had hoped he'd read early but this seemed young.
 the next night while at the dinner table mikey says, "daddy your coke was free! "
 "no it wasn't, they were 12 for $4.99" i say wondering where in the world he got that idea.
 my husband sitting beside his boy, face lite like a Christmas tree, spun the can of cola around to face me.
 "it says free right here," mikey said as he pointed and proceeded with a phonics lesson.
 of coarse it does! an advertise on the back for an amusement park and a buy one get one free ticket.
 "he's reading!" i exclaim with much excitement. i couldn't believe my boy was reading! i still can't believe he's reading, small words mostly but i am such a proud momma!
 later that week at an art supply store i let him pick out a wooden model to paint and glue together with his dad. watching them put it together i decided to get him some early readers. my sister in law lived by the book store so i called her to see if she'd like to go with me.
 "did i tell you that mikey has started to read?" i ask her over the phone, watching my boys in the dinning room fuss over the model together.
 "oh yeah?" she's asked, "what's he doing now?"
without missing a beat, the words just flowing out of my mouth i say, "building a stealth fighter." we had a good laugh over that one, but yep, i'm a proud momma.

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