Sunday, October 16, 2011

walking the balance beam

 when i was a little girl i had two nick names given me by my mom. onion and gracie. onion for reasons i'm not getting into right now ( i'm not even sure i know ). gracie because i was the one who would fall over nothing at all. i was, in fact, the cheerleader who tripped over the lines painted on the basketball court. true story... several times i'm afraid. even after about fifteen years of dance class i am still quite a putz.
 balance. it's not something i'm good at. it is something i am seeking, even to this day. several months ago i was given a beautiful new sewing machine *sigh* boy did it spawn creative juices!! along with my creative juices flowed a deep sense of guilt! (crazy - i know!) this guilt came from the thought that i was taking time out of my already very busy day of wife, momma and home maker, for myself. that i was hoarding away time = stealing moments for myself! *gasp*
 a few months have passed and i am realizing that what i need is to make time for myself, and that it's not only okay - it's good for me! 
  so this is the week! i am making a schedule and going to stick to it! i'll be blogging about it over at
 here is what i must remember: 1.) one day at a time 2.) one hour at a time 3.) it may take time for the schedule to fall into place 4.) it's worth time and effort for the whole family to follow a schedule, for it to be made and prayed over so that the schedule is also honoring God. so that i am reminding myself  that His schedule should be my schedule.
 even my husband was telling me that he'd like to have a schedule! i know that kids function better with a schedule. even i, one who doesn't like a schedule, functions better while on one! so where's the schedule?!? i'm making one tonight...and i'm kind of excited about it because i'm making sure that in that schedule i get time for myself to do what i want. that it could be sewing, knitting, paper crafting, painting - hey even napping if i want! no folding laundry or putting dishes away during my time though. i can't let that happen - lol!
 the cool thing about having a schedule is that i'll know for sure that i'm not taking time away from my family and house work. it will all be on the schedule, right there looking back at me whenever i start to feel guilty for taking time to do these things that i really enjoy. the things that really help charge me up.
 so that is my news. i know i haven't blogged in a while. my creative juices have been used up else where - in my new sewing/crafting room :) but i'll be making time for this too.
 look out balance beam i'm hoping on! ( i really hope the floor below is padded - lol! )

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