Monday, May 7, 2012

buggin' out!

good morning! the last two weeks my family has been graciously sharing a horrible stomach bug - YUCK!! it started with poor mikey, first shared with gracie then our small friend lauren and then an even smaller friend adena! YIKES!!
it's sooo hard to keep up with normal every day laundry and sheets while trying to also figure out how to clean barf up out of the sofa. i've tried woolite carpet, rug & upholstery cleaner - smelled nice but left a weird white residue on the sofa. i tried a bucket of super hot dawn dish washing liquid and a scrubber, that took off the white residue left by the woolite, but the sofa feels really crunchy now and still smells very yucky - boo!
my brother gave me a great tip that i haven't tried yet. he used to lay carpet and seriously swears by a product called capture found at home depot. i'm really hoping to find it at lowes though 'cuz their my favorite. it's my last resort ...for real. does anyone have any tips of their own they'd like to pass my way? we're all feeling better but the smell of the sofa is making us wonder if we might not have been tossing our cookies out of sickness, or just being so sick of smelling the sickness - if ya know what i mean?
i did spy a rad antique bed, perfect in every way, that i thought may look really neat up against the wall and made to look like a day bed in the living room. replace that stinky old couch pa-lease! even better, if i could talk the hubs into cutting the feet off of it and hang it from the ceiling, we'd have the perfect most beautiful swing in our living room! i've been dreaming about having a swing inside the house since i was a small girl. do any of you have a neat-o sofa that you'd like to share? a funny story about how your got your sofa? or cleaned up/spruced up an old one? i'd love anything here - seriously - i'm grabbin'!!
in other news - during all this crazy time we've been spending in the bathroom lately, i thought, "what better time then now to be super consistent with gracie's potty training?" we were already practically living in the bathroom as it was. so for 2-3 days gracie walked around in her "Jesus garb" (read that post here) and didn't really get dressed until after dinner - a full day of practicing "pee-pee on the potty" then we went out, usually just to the grocery store for more toilet paper haahhaah! she did soooo well soooo fast and even pooped on the potty last night! hooray!! pray that i'm consistent and don't let her fall back into old habbits. while i was sick these past few days, she ended up back in diapers! aaaaaaahhhhhhh! i can't really blame her daddy for not wanting to participate in this training but i must say, he did a really good job of taking care of us while i was taking my turn with the shared stomach bug =)
hope you are all well in your neck of the woods! thanks for spending time in ours =)


  1. Awww sister this awful news! Have you looked into anti-icky poo? It's for cat urine but works AMAZING for everything I've tried it for. Not sure how it is on furniture, but it's DEF. worth looking into!

    xoxox Farb

    1. thank you farb - i'll keep this product in mind :) i totally appreciate it! love you (((hugs)))