Tuesday, May 1, 2012

gracie's perspective

so the other night we were getting ready for a dinner of spaghetti and red sauce. in order to keep the red sauce from staining gracie's clothes, i grabbed one of my husband's many white t shirts and smocked it over her whole entire body. i started setting the table and overheard her excitement and joy spilling out in laughter and ...  what. was. that?   ...... is she taking the name of my Lord and Saviour in vain? ...... no way! where did she hear that?   ..................   certainly not in this house!
"something-something Jesus! something-something Jesus!" she was proclaiming over and over again while running around the kitchen and dinning room with the biggest smile on her face.
finally i got her attention and after several attempts of asking her "what? - what are you saying?" she slowed down long enough for the whole family to hear her joy filled proclamation, "i'm Jesus! i'm Jesus!" at first i was completely confused. looking from her, to my husband, and back at her again, i finally noticed her perspective on her new outfit. bursting into laughter i ran for my camera, take a look =D

can ya blame her? in just about every illistrated picture of Jesus that she has ever seen, He is wearing a long white tunic type outfit. we got a big kick out of this one.


  1. Love this post :) such good memories...

  2. HAHA! That is so adorable!!! And so is she!!! I love your family!