Monday, October 8, 2012

dear blog...

dear blog,
 hello ol' friend! it's been long since i've last visited. i didn't mean to leave for such a lengthy period of time. their is just so many venues for me to log our family's going's on.
 like an art journal...

how wonderfully therapeutic!
clearly, i've fallen in love with instagram =) wanna follow? our user name is: peculiarmorris under my name: amy marie. life documented in pictures is ever so much fun!
i've also been doing a TON of around the house projects. some of which i plan to blog about...once they are completed. here is a quick preview...
this is the crib springs from the kids old crib, soon to hold a few black & whites of our family, clipped with ever so tiny clothes pins. thank you pinterest!

these beauties are part of the making of our home school room =) which leads me to the fact that we are in the full swing of both kindergarten and pre. k as well as attending home school co'op. i've tried to take a picture of both mikey and gracie every friday after co'op, but let's face it, some days i just simply forget :( here's the first day...
mikey enjoys co'op a great deal, but it sure makes for a tired boy by noon!

gracie is still warming up to co'op, here she is trying to be excited about her first day. note: she too is completely bushed by noon =)

haven't they grown so much since last i posted?
this past summer my husband and i started running again!
watching him encourage our kids along the path, weather it's the running path or the path God guides them to in life, it's just such a blessing! He really is the man of my dreams and the only man i could ever want to "do life" with!

yes that is a roll of t.p. in the stroller bag - running is a great way to clear out my sinuses & of course i keep it classy with t.p. =D
running just makes us all feel soo good!
 i even started running the couch 2 5K program with a good friend of mine. i cannot say enough good things about that program!
 i. LOVE. it!
 if you've ever wanted to start running, have no previous experience, or just don't know where to start, might i suggest this c 2 k program? basically you start out running at 60 seconds and walking at 90 second intervals. over an eight week period it gently guides you into running a 5k in around 20 minutes.
one cold & windy saturday afternoon i really struggled to run. i just couldn't catch my breath! it was sooo frustrating because had done such a great run just the saturday before. my running partner, molly, was so gracious and walked with me until i caught my breath and off we'd go again. i was so upset with myself! i couldn't understand why in the world i suddenly couldn't all. molly suggested i go see my doctor to be sure i didn't have asthma or walking pneumonia. by the time i saw my doctor every single breath i took was painful :( turns out that i DO have asthma and running in the cold, without using an inhaler, is a great way to give yourself a lung infection.
 now. i. know.
after my infection was over i still had NO energy. i was so looking forward to getting up off my bum and hitting the streets with molly again, but it just seemed like this infection was kicking my bum instead of going away. it no longer hurt to breath but i just wanted to sleep MOST of the day. after a few more frustrating weeks of this we decided their might be another reason for this sudden lack of energy...
yup, that's two positive home pregnancy test =D the reason i have no energy to run & the desire to nap a good 3 hours every afternoon is because my body is busy making another human being! what an honor and a blessing to think that God has chosen us to give life to another person!
...about those crib springs hanging on the living room wall... 
haahhaahh! isn't that just my luck!?!
and so dear blog i haven't forgotten you, i've just gotta pick and choose what i do with my time, and i just simply can't do it all. so while i may be away for lengthy periods of time, it's not that i have forgotten you, just that i may have the sudden urge to paint a new color on the wall, pick some thing up off the side of the road and re'purpose it for our home; or cut, paint, paste, staple or sew an old fashion journal.
 life seems to be moving at an unexpectedly fast pace and i'm trying to sit comfortably in each and every moment, trusting that each and every step of the way has been ordained by a God who Loves and Cares and desires to be part of each and every step. prayerfully with every step, i will remember that even though the feet at the end of my legs are attached to my body, this body is not my own and these feet do surely want to tread where the All Mighty leads.   
all that said dear blog, i will try to remember you more often and stop by for a visit more frequently. especially since i'm entering a time in life where i generally tend to go more inward then out.
i'm sure their will be a lot that i will want to remember about these next few months so i do hope to see you again soon - until then, dear blog, i will be living each moment for Him, in Him.
1 corinthians 6:19-20
you are not your own; you were bought at a price. therefore honor God with you body.

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