Monday, April 30, 2012

baking with my boy

my son and i used to bake every monday. small tiny boy on the kitchen chair, at the kitchen counter, cracking eggs over open bowls, perfecting billy's vanilla, vanilla cupcakes. it's been awhile since those tiny hands and big blue eyes, full of wonder, baked with mine.
today is monday, and today we baked.
we made strawberry scones.
he barely needed any help.
some mixture's still fascinated him.
watching him mix still fascinated me.
we've never baked scones together before.
we weren't sure if this is how they were supposed to look.
perhaps whole wheat flour was not the best idea?
drizzled strawberry juice and milk, sprinkled with sugar, doesn't look so bad.
impromptu visit to the backyard strawberry patch.
imagining all the strawberries!
the scones did not end up tasting so great.
we didn't care.

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  1. Bummer about the scones. I thought they looked pretty tasty!