Friday, April 13, 2012

craft much?

 okay, so i got the arts & crafts room cleaned up so much so, that i even crafted yesterday! come on, let's hear it - "yaaaaaaaay!"  their is still tons of organizing that i really need and want to do. it's gotta be put on hold though until i can really wrap my mind around the different "stations" we have, and what i'd like to have at each one.
 for instance, my 5 year old mikey has a drafting table = his station. the drafting table was given to us by dear friends and was a total score =D my 2 year old gracie, has a small toddler table = her station. the hubs has a great drafting table that he bought ages ago = his station. the desk i have was a free "pick" from the side of the road (again another score =D ) = my station.
 each person has a "station" or spot of their own and i'm so thankful for this! for each of us to have a place of our own, to just spread out and create?! just the thought of it excites me and fills me with gratitude!
 so each family member really likes to do different things. i don't feel that all the supplies need to be out all the time, but i like them to be accessible and easy to find. so i need to do some brain storming and think about: each personality and 1.) what each person would appreciate having at a ready 2.) what supplies can be stored away 3.) how best to store them for each family member 4.) keeping in mind different ages and capabilities.
 i wanted to share with you what i did to spruce up the floor. this was back in november 2011 but i thought it was pretty neat, what do you think? does your family like to do arts and crafts? do you do it all together and do you have a special place to be free to express yourself in this way? oh, and if anyone has any ideas on nice ways to store supplies for any ages and stages, feel free to toss them my way.
if for some reason the above link isn't working, please click the link below to see what i did to the arts and crafts room floor :)
thanks for reading and thanks for watching too! it was a joy to share with you :)

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