Monday, April 23, 2012

thrift store decor

 i love thrift store finds! my local salvation army is my all time favorite spot to go thrifting. i don't look for the normal stuff. wait...what is normal stuff? my plain of attack at the local sal-val is as follows:
 1.) sheets
 yes sheets! i know what your probably thinking, "eeeeew, gross!" oh contra ire my friends. these are not for the bed. if you think about the yardage per price - it's the most cost effective way to buy fabric to make...well, whatever you want. i like to look for older sheets, usually flower prints. big flower print from 1950-1970's to small ones from earlier, or whatever shrikes my fancy :)  i have a few skirts for me and matching dressing for my gal, planned out for the small vintage sheet collection that i'm growing.
 2.) furniture
 i'd really like to learn how to reupholster, in fact, i  have a big reupholstering project planned for this summer. so i keep this in mind when spying out furniture finds. i like to look for old sewing machines and sewing machine desk/tables, and again, whatever strikes my fancy.
 3.) house wears
 i love pyrex!!  not exclusively though, i also very much enjoy fire king. often i find pyrex mixing bowls at my local sal-val. the hunt for interesting tea cups and saucers, white bubble glass and glass flower vases goes down big time in this section. i almost always find something.
 4.) toys
 my kids love whenever i come home from a day of thrifting. often they end up with more scores then i do! this time around i found a barely used candy land bored game, a dora the explorer dominoes set, a really neat alphabet train puzzle and a strawberry short cake goes to ballet class book!
 5.) scarves, handbags and shoes
 this time i scored a pair of roller skates!!! i have been wanting a pair of roller skates for... at least the last 5 years. i'm pretty sure i've been roller skating since i could walk but i have been missing it for many years now. i have no idea what happened to my old skates and new ones are just never in the budget. not when their is so many other other fun things to buy new for the kiddos. the skates i scored yesterday were only $4.99!!! too bad it's been raining ever since - i can't wait to get my roll on!!
 from their on i hit the racks and racks of clothes if, and that's a big if,  i'm not totally done with the heat in my local sal-val. i don't know why, maybe it's all the excitement i get from all the fun finds, but literally? the store makes me sweat! that and i have two consignment shops that i go to first when i'm on the hunt for clothes.
 so i wanted to share with you three finds that i'm excited to spruce up and hang on the wall. and let me tell you, i have "hang on the wall anxiety." i don't know why? we have our own home. i could put holes in all the walls and hang nothing at all if i wanted. i was always very conscience about not putting holes in the walls wherever i rented and now that i can do it, i just simply can't!
 so check out my "hang on the wall" finds!

  okay so let's be real, the pictures inside the frames will have to go. i know someone took some time cross stitching the one that says "cape may 1859". yes, i do actually wonder who it was that stitched it and what in the world happened at the cape in 1859 that so inspired this stitching? but it's gotta go. i'm not even  a big fan of the beach (i hear you all gasping in unison - it's true though) i'm thinking that a fresh can of spray paint and sweet pictures of my babes ( maybe just their silhouettes?) would be the most perfect way to fill these.
 here's my other find:

i'm not sure what it is about this lady that i love, but i love her! my girl friend kim says that she promotes solitude and reading...i suppose. their is something about her though ... i cannot put my finger it -  i love her!! i can't wait to find a frame for this lady and layer her into the decor of our house, some day - haah! not sure if she'll end up on the wall or propped up on a table.
 how about you? do you like to go thrifting? would you hang this lady on your wall? what is it about her that i love so much? do you know anything about her?
 thanks so much for reading and spending your time in our neck of the woods =)

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  1. I looooove those frames! And silhouettes would be amazing in those!!! And I love that lady!!! I would hang her up in my craft room!!

    I loooove thrifting! I just haven't had the extra funds to go! Boo!