Thursday, April 26, 2012


   so for the past couple of weeks my girlfriends and i have been planning a "kim-napping." with wonderful orchestration from the Lord, we executed it just perfectly this past saturday.
   okay, let me back up. my friend kim has twice, told me about this thing where you coordinate a day (with the husbands of your friends and child care as needed) and then barge in on them and "kid nap" them for the day. once they, or in this case she, has spruced up a bit ( 'cuz you really don't know what you'll barge in on =D) take them to do all or any of their favorite things.
   our friend kim's birthday had slipped past without us batting an eye. in fact, her family kind of forgot it too! if i may just say, it was a birthday numbered with a frown upon her face. yikes! so four of us started planning her "kim-napping' and this is a pictorial of her special day, starting with our sneak up on her =) i hope you enjoy!


                                                                     high tea here

                                                                   beautiful kim

                                                                 lovely co-horts!

                                               just a funny "oh-no-she-di'nt" look

                                                                   dainty foods!
   this fun high tea was topped off with an evening of thrifting - one of kimmy's favorite things =D
   kim is a dear, sweet, seasoned with loving wisdom sister in Christ. you can check out her lovely blog here:  . allow me to ask you to be patient with her blog updating as her home school year is quickly coming to an end, and she is quite busy closing it up.
   have you ever friend-napped anyone for the day? i highly recommend you do =D thanks for reading and spending your time in our neck of the woods =D

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  1. Best day ever!!!! Thanks so much for "Kim-napping" me :)
    Much Love,