Tuesday, April 10, 2012

holy m.i.a. blogger batman!!

 hello blogging world and virtual memory scrap book! my, how the time has flown by since i last blogged! i guess this happens to best of us? ... anyone? anyone? so much has happened since my last blog post, and really nothing at all has happened either. if that makes any sense?
 the kids are still saying and doing super cute things and yes, i've been missing typing them all out here. i know i'm gonna forget all the cute/rad things they did for the past few months - shame on me!!
 last week gracie told me, "the star wars music is stuck in my hair." yes. hair. no typo. she really said hair. i had to ask her a few times to be sure i was hearing her correctly. "yes, gracie girl. it bugs me too when i have star wars music stuck in my hair," was my response.
 i'm gonna miss her when she's grown, or at least when she better understands "sayings." her most favorite thing for the past couple of weeks is being a cat. we're lucky to get any english or half human words from her lately. she does make a cute cat and i don't even have to clean out a litter box so she can stay cat-like for a little while.
 mikey is still "making movies." nope, he doesn't play "make believe" or "pretend." he makes movies complete with different scenes and soundtracks.  he still builds stealth fighters only now out of legos instead of wooden models. lately he enjoys running around the house "extroying" any bad guys that are "threatening" us ladies =D links (a character from a cross bow firing game he and my husband play ) is at our house everyday and we have to sing happy birthday to him pretty much every morning at breakfast. so far links hasn't asked for any breakfast of his own, so he can hang out all he wants.
 my creative outlet has spilled out of the blogging world and all over the house. i have been repainting old furniture that i find any where for cheep or free. i have big ideas and a small budget. thankfully i really enjoy a challenge =) i'm also very thankful for honest friends who tell me when their is just too much color happening in one room. i need someone to pull back on the harness 'cuz i just don't know how when it comes to walls and furniture.
 i did start to scrapbook a for real type of scrapbook/journal. i really, really, really  (did i say REALLY?) enjoy it! except... it's in our arts & crafts room which has become such a mess that i can't even reach it. we did a ton of running family members around for a month or so, so tons of my house work has fallen to the way side. another good thing is that i enjoy cleaning and organizing, so now my excuse for not yet straightening it up is because i'm building up the anticipation of it all ... did you buy that? can't blame a gal for tryin'. i really do miss and quite frankly need a creative outlet, so i'll be signing off for now and going to attempt to straighten up that room. perhaps my next blog post will be "how to fit an artsy, craftsy family of four into one smallish arts and crafts room comfortably"...i better go get to it.


  1. You can come clean/organize my house any time!!! ;)

    1. i totally would if we lived closer! i super enjoy doing it! i was able to clean out the whole room yesterday but i have 3 boxes of papers to sort through until i can get super organized =)