Tuesday, February 15, 2011

four mountains of laundry diverge throughout the house and i...

   laundry. it turns into piles. they get shifted a lot at our house. they start in either the bedrooms or bathroom. then they migrate to the hallway outside the rooms from whence they came. next stop? infront of the stairs, only to be kicked or tossed down to the bottom. sometimes from under the railing and sometimes up and over the top, depending on who does the kicking or tossing. from the bottom of the stairs the piles get kicked or picked up and dropped in the laundry room, where they tend to grow into one or more mountains. these mountains then get concord by my constant desire to organize. i don't seperate the luandry because the lid on the washing machine tells me to. i do it because i enjoy it. my organizing of dirty laundry is also vary different from what the back of the laundry liquid bottle tells me it should be. i like to seperate by dirt. mike's work dirt is very different than his at home dirt. sometimes the kids dirt is different then my dirt ~ i am, thank you very much, potty trained, if ya know what i mean. so the separation of clothes takes place and then, depending on how big my piles or mountains still are, they still sometimes get thrown in together. so you see the step of separating at all for me is really quite rediculus.  
   like most modern people of the world, the clothes then go from washer to dryer (i am still waiting for my clothes line outside) but i think this is where our similarities stop once again. you see years ago, much to my dearest nana's dismay, i gave away all our dressers. folding laundry just never made sense to me. if you spend time ironing only to fold your clothes ~ aren't you then folding wrinkles back into your clothes? plus i can't see my clothes when they're folded and piled on top of each other in a drawer. how am i to choose from folds? no no no. i hang almost everything. sweaters, socks and unmentionable all have a place and do in fact get folded. but who irons their socks and unmentionables?
   so when i'm "on my game," i take items from the dryer, insert hangers and immediately hang on the washline that hangs in the laundry room. this is very good  =) more times then any, i simply start the organizing all over again.
   a pile is created. a more fresh, clean, neat and tidy, straightened out kind of pile. this pile will usually migrate to the play room where it will inevitably get organized into four piles. one for mike, myself, mikey and grace. then they get hangers. if time is lacking these piles of organized, hanger inserted clothes get put back on the wash line in the laundry room. if the kids are content i sneak them up stairs where the pile ~ gets put away in their proper closets? no silly, set on my bed. i can't leave grace downstairs in the play room for more then a second. she's a clumsy monkey who likes to climb ~ and she is determined to master those stairs. they will wait on my bed until we all come back upstairs and i can close the baby gate and then put them away. like most times though, i forget that i made the newest pile on my bed, and need to move them so i can go to sleep. then the pile of clothes, hangers inserted, gets moved to the baby craddle that no one sleeps in, in my room. and saddly, that is where i tend to leave them for the longest. the easiest step ~ so close to done ~ and i don't know,,,i forget them? am entirely too tired to care by then?
   by now you are asking yourself "why am i still reading this crazy post about this obsessive laundry organizer?" or, "why is she waisting her time typing about how the piles of laundry get moved around her house and not just do the laundry?" well my friends i can't answer either of those questions for you. i just know that mountains of laundry diverge throughout the house and i... feel all that much better seeing it all typed out. i can see this craziness and laugh. i can't say it will change because i have no plans of changing any of it.
 "what's that mike?" i call back to my husband. "where are your jeans?   ...i don't know, check the pile."

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