Tuesday, February 15, 2011

my on-again/off-again is ... back on-again?

 dear amelia's grocery outlet,

     i know we've had our ups and downs lately. i know through trial comes some understanding and growth. i also know that sometimes ya don't know what you've got until it's gone. here is my confession...

 last night, we needed things. things you usually provide us. things like juice, coffee, laundry liquid you know the list. i went to weis markets *cringe*  ...i spent a total of $52.17. i also bought milk, 1/2 & 1/2, tishues, tooth paste, dishwasher liquid, infants pain relief and childrens pepto,,,butter and car soup. i know- i know, this is a longer list then you'd think, we had sick babies remember? you don't even carry childrens pepto!! ~ the things you've been keeping from me...really...  
  i'll cut to the chase, i bought a few of the necessities and they cost only $10-$15 more then my usual  WEEKLY grocery bill would cost w/ you. and so,,,humbly i'd like to ask if we could,,,ya know,,,just simply date?   we could hang out every now and then - you could see other customers more often, i could buy juice that's not rancid, waisting away on the shelf awaiting a maybe purchase, maybe soon death of trash-can-freezer-burn...?   i mean, i have options ya know. but weis doesn't carry strange but good laundry liquid for $2.99/per 32 loads!!! only you have that Dynamo!!! only you amelia's :)
  see? now doesn't that feel a little better? so now that we're clear, we're outta frosted flakes and once again only you have them 2 boxes for $5 and  in mix and match flavors. i'll be seeing you real soon - but don't even think for a second that i'm gonna get sucked into that juice shelf again - that will be saved for another store,,,and maybe not even weis either,,,i'm playin' the field!!!   =)

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