Tuesday, February 15, 2011

in the biginning...

    in the beginning is a lady. eternally optimistic. plopped into a world stained with pessimism. this is the story of her life adventures and/or misadventures. you decide. you will find that she is a wife a mother and lover of the Lord. she's loves crafting ~ all kinds, gardening, movies, books, singing, dancing, dating her husband and doing art w/ her children. she is a terrible speller and has a difficult time w/ correct grammar and punctuation. this will probably not change, at least not over night. so if you are bothered by any of this turn back now least you get sucked into the charming whacktasticness of:    confessions of a stay at home wife and mother. 

ha!!! as i typed this i totally heard that deep male voice who does the action movie commercials!!!

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