Tuesday, February 15, 2011

my son, superman and i must fly!!

   my son is on a first name basis with superman. for the longest time mikey called him super. "hey mommy, do you know where super is?"    ",,,yeah, me and super defeated brainyac today while gwacie-gail took her nap."  these days, they are so close that superman's nickname even has a nickname. it is now sup,  pronounced: soup.
   the other day mikey asked me, "hey mommy, how come when sup had to save lois, but he didn't want her to know he was sup, so he kept his clark glasses on...well he used his laser vision to make that tree fall into the water, but his glasses didn't burn up?" 
   what in the world? is this like, the deepest four year old ever or is he really that close to sup that he not only notices this stuff,  but he thinks about it. and my, oh my, he thinks i have the answers! thankfully his daddy knows about lasers and sup's super vision 'cuz phew!! that was a doozie!
   that same day mikey says to me, "ya know mommy, the superman music is different in part one than part four," these are the classic movies mind you. 
   "how so buddy?" i ask waiting for a comedic response.
   "well, their are more horns in the music in the first movie and more strings in the music in the fourth movie." 
   'what?' i think to myself. 'how in the world does he see this stuff? how in the world is he hearing this stuff?'
   then i realize just how precious it truely is. his mind soaking up the world, still very new and exciting, even at four. hearing the sounds of it all, still so new to him. not having to muddle his way through the clutter in his mind to be able to enjoy it.  his play time with his friend sup, that i know beyond the shadow of a doubt, he thinks is really flying right beside him, arms up over their heads. way up over the couch and around the light hanging over the dinnng room table. in his mind he might as well be superman.
   in my mind, i see my small boy of four, full of wonder, full of anticipation, full of excitiment with all their is around him and i pray, 'oh Lord don't ever let him loose his gusto for life. i know one day his mind will be full of other things, rather then superman and his lasor vision, but please Heavenly Father, i pray his wild creativity will stay with him and close to you always. so you can navigate him through lifes many questions.' 
   and maybe, just maybe, i could cut the clutter out of my mind and actually watch more of  the movie of life playing out infront of me. hear more of the music, the soundtrack, of everyday life. in fact, maybe tomorrow, when mikey and sup are flying through the house, over the couch and around the light hanging over the dinnng room table, just maybe i'll go flying with them? i wonder what my new nickname will be?   

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