Tuesday, February 15, 2011

mommy's red corduroy chair

   i have this chair. it is red, corduroy and slopes funny in the back. i remember this chair from my childhood. i remember curling up, laying on my side and watching i dream of genie and gilligan's island in it. i remember when the young and wrestles came on and the piano music started to play it was my cue to close my eyes and not to open them again until the music from general hospital was playing. i played behind it in the strange nook that the sloppy back created. it was a great place for barbie and her friends to sit and share tea. it was a fun place to put my coloring books and crayons, tape recorder, tapes and the books that came along with them. this chair has followed me always. this chair has waited patiently for me always. sometimes in strange basements, sometimes on porches, sometimes in garages. i used to question myself often, 'why do i keep lugging this chair around?' 'is it worth it?' i have dropped a lot of stuff off at good will and salvation army in my many moves but always kept this chair. people would say, "that chair is dirty" " that chair is weird" "it's not the chair you love, it's the memories attached to that chair". yes and no. the chair is dirty. it is weird. i do love these memories. i also happen to love the chair. it is also one of the few things that i have that belonged to someone i loved very much, who also loved this chair. 
   so now i have my own house. we have been here almost a year and still this chair has yet to be cleaned. i have often wondered, 'maybe it is time for this chair to find another home?' until the other night.   the chair is currently in our playroom. my son, daughter and i were in there playing. mikey was curled up in my old, red, corduroy, chair watching spider-man. that in-itself was very heart warming to me. it made me think, this is still a comfy chair, perfect for a small child to curl up and dream and imagine in.' it was about then that i noticed my daughter was stinky. i got a fresh diaper and the box of wipes, sat on the floor and called her to come for fresh pants. grace is infact a rascal. she quickly ran away. she ran to the red, corduroy chair, climbed up, squished in next to her brother and rested her head on his shoulder. 'this is why i kept the chair' i thought to myself. because along time ago i dreamed of having kids and watching them play in this strange sloppy chair. i wanted to watch them sleep, dream and imagine in this chair. i had a hope and a dream that one day that would happen. here it was. like God had gift wrapped my dream, tied it in a nice big bow and handed it to me. what a wonderful dream to see realized.
   i have this chair. it's red, corduroy and slopes funny in the back. it held me as a child. aided my sleeping and dreaming and now is handing them back to me gift wrapped by God Himself. i love this chair.

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