Tuesday, February 15, 2011

my husband, the poet

   tonight at the dinner table i told my wonderful, loving husband, "i cut a hang nail off my toe last night waaaay too short. it is soooo sore today." ya know what his response was? you'll never guess. not in a million-bajillion years. He said, "you need to be more aware of your surroundings."
   a few odd seconds of time passed. my son made a few comments. my daughter threw some food on the floor. i just started laughing. no one even noticed that i was laughing!!
   okay, my wonderful, loving husband was either not listening, or, he was being very poetic about the whole thing. while he was climbing into bed this evening i recounted the whole short conversation to him. and ya know what he said this time? "yeah, that's what rah zawhl ghoul said to bruce wayne when he was training to become the batman."
   who knew my wonderful, loving husband was such a poet!?!

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