Tuesday, February 15, 2011

dear john letter to amelias grocery outlet

dearest amelias grocery outlet,
    i am sorry to say that  i am ending our several year long love affair. i approached your open arms w/ caution and hesitated at first only to get sucked into the savings.  as time past i have let my gaurd down and fallen deeply and madly in love w/ your wonderfull prices, strange yet exotic iteams and have even gotten excited about the lack of continuity in your iteams - you spontainous grocery store you.

 alas, my gaurd was dropped and i let you in to my world of chasing after the savings and even stoped checking expiration dates prior to purchasing. and here we sit all sad and belly-aching, fighting over the toilet 'cuz i foolishly bought v8 fruit fusion two years past code. never before have you let me down like this, dearest amelia's.
 i know, i know you are not to blame in all this. i should have been checking the dates, but two YEARS? it's just too much. i simply refuse to get sucked into the allure of your strange food choices and wonderful prices again,,,as for me and my family, we will sit all snuggled on the couch, bottle of pepto in hand, watching movies in between fighting over the bathroom.     ......come to think of it,,, i better go check the date on that bottle of pepto ......

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