Tuesday, February 15, 2011

i take beauty tips from my daughter,,,she's 16 months old

   so i've been a stay at home wife and mother for four plus years. and by stay at home, i really mean, stay at home. my husband and i share one car which he usually takes to work monday through friday. don't get me wrong here. whenever i want to, i can get up in the morning and drive him to work and drive all day long until my hearts content, if i wished to wake up before the wee hours of the crack of down. he is up and out the door before the birds, before the sun and probably almost anyone else, unless they too are driving a truck. in the summer time it's a lot easier to have the desire to get up early to take the car. the winter is just sooo cold and sooo dark and soooo we are home, a lot more. let me get to my point, i usually have NO reason to get dressy during the day, or even the week for that matter. my first child is a boy. he has taught me sooooo very much and i am eternally in love with him. even when he's naughty. my second child is a girl. i honestly didn't think their was much more to learn in life, how haughty i am. she too has taught me sooooo very much and i am eternally in love with her as well.
   when grace came into my life, i was used to throwing my hair in a pony tail and maybe smearing some chapstick on my lips. after all, i wasn't going anywhere, and since we usually live in the middle of now where, no one was coming here. all this has changed. i found that with little girls come clothes!!! boys have clothes too but not like girls do!!! i love to get her dressed and do her hair and have tea parties and show her all the wonderful world of lady-like things. of coarse we have battles, swing swords, shoot guns and play in dirt too...but we do so w/ our hair done, our Jewelry on and a little bit of tinted chapstick. my daughter. one of the fun things she is reminding or even teaching me is, that it is fun to be a girl.
   to get dressed in clothes suitable for a lady. to try a new hair-do. to play in that old jewelry box i thought i'd never dig through again. to even play in make up. ya know, she has a pair of wings and a whimsical skirt that matches, i don't know maybe fairy-like? butterfly-like? she brings it to me and after i put it in on her, she'll wear it all day. as soon as i learn to sew, i think i'll make myself a pair of wings and a whimsical skirt. who knew i'd be taking beauty tips from my sixteen month old daughter? certainly not me. but i am so glad that i am . 

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